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The Uber For Waste

[Please note: We have currently paused operations in Delhi. We will remove this notification when we start again]

Now managing your Malba is as easy as booking a cab!

Step 1 - Request & Schedule Malba Pick Up

Step 2 - Receive a cost estimate and Pay upfront

Step 3 - Sip Chai and Track your Malba as it is taken
to the city's designated recycling plant

(Kindly note that pickup trucks have operating times from 11pm-7am and 11am-4pm.
These are subject to changes as per road transport regulations in your area.)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Contribute to MalbaMap

MalbaMap is a crowd-sourced map of illegal dumping hotspots of C&D waste, as well as the recycling infrastructure in the city.

Watch how you can contribute to the MalbaMap. 

Let's make Delhi green again!

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