about us

Malba Project was established in September 2021 with a vision to spread awareness and build solutions for the often overlooked, yet highly critical construction and demolition (C&D) waste stream, which poses unique challenges in Indian cities.

C&D waste, or 'Malba' as we call it in Hindi, accounts for 30-40% of the solid waste generated globally. It contributes significantly to air and water pollution, and should be a topic of grave concern for developing urban metropolises around the world.

While Malba Project will always be about research and advocacy, we are also building solutions to tackle this problem. We are currently focusing on 2 problems:

1. Prevention of illegal dumping
2. Streamlining C&D waste collection


Shamita, an architect and circular economy grad, founded Malba Project in 2021.

In pursuit of her dream of a ‘Malba Mukt’ India, she’s building systems and solutions for circular cities to exist in the Global South. She’s responsible for the company strategy, editorials, and telling the (more than) occasional dad joke at Malba Project.

Shamita Chaudhary

Founder, Malba Project


Avni Vishnoi

Researcher, Malba Project

Alankrita Sharma

Researcher, Malba Project

Rohit Bagai

Researcher, Malba Project

Disha Arora

Researcher, Malba Project

Prabhash Dhama

UX Design, Malba Project

Neha Gupta

Writer, Malba Project Blog

Meher Vadehra

Writer, Malba Project Blog

Sharon Sabu

Writer, Malba Project Blog


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